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Thread: Linux front end for media but no DVR

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    Linux front end for media but no DVR

    Just wanted to bounce some ideas off of people to make sure what I want to do will work.

    I want a front-end for just media playing and maybe some emulators for old Atari/NES/etc. games. No DVR is wanted. I have lots of media on my main Windows PC (dual core good machine) in various formats and want to stream this out to my 720P TV. These files could be moved to an ancient PC that I could throw a giga-bit ethernet card and a SATA controller if needed but would prefer to keep them on the main PC (where my wife is familiar with all the windows programs to rip her CDs and DVDs).

    I want to build a front end next to my TV (which has an ethernet drop next to it) to playback HD files (MKV/divx/etc.) and emulators as above.

    I have the following parts coming in from newegg:

    CPU AMD|A64 X2 4000+ 2.1G AM2 65N R
    MEM 1G|OCZ DII800 OCZ2SOE8001G R

    My questions are:

    Without DVR would MythBuntu make a good frontend for this still (with MythVideo and the various emulator plugins) or should I look at something like XBMC for Linux (which I hear is coming along well) or Elisa?

    Can MythBuntu run off a flash drive since all my media will be stored on a back-end somewhere or is that not recommended long term? I would like it to be quiet near the TV if possible.
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    Re: Linux front end for media but no DVR

    I`ve done it before and it worked fine. You cant get rid of the backend componenet but you can simply "hide it" in the UI configs area (don`t ask me where) and switch off the backend.

    Elisa looks interesting.
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    Re: Linux front end for media but no DVR

    Take all of this at face value because I'm a linux/myth n00b...

    I'm doing the same type thing... I have a Winblows machine that has an external drive on it that holds all of my media. I have a seperate PC that is running the Myth front end... it mounts the external drive on the Winblows machine and the front end box just points to that drive for the media.

    This works great... my only problem is my remote... my remote only half way works... I can manuver through the menus with it and select the video to play... I'm just having problems with the pause, stop and play buttons. If my remote worked it would be a perfect set up for me


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