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Thanks for the feedback! The packaging seems to have changed from version to version of Ubuntu, and since I just keep updating I didn't notice that. Updated the post with those packages. Thanks again!
Hello Dear amerikkanu,
I am trying to install it in UBUNTU 9.10, but it gives me the given message when I started SCIM through scim -d.
ajit@ajit-desktop:~$ scim -d
Smart Common Input Method 1.4.9

Launching a SCIM process with x11...
Loading socket Config module ...
Creating backend ...
Loading x11 FrontEnd module ...
Failed to load x11 FrontEnd module.
Failed to launch SCIM.
I am using your transliteration keyboard since UBUNTU 8.04 but I never face this problem. Even in Jaunty it had worked finely.
Kindly give me some solution for it.