@ amerikkanu

Are you using your method of input also for hindi writing or only for sanskrit? Both are written in devanagari, but the behaviour with ligatures and vowels is a little bit different. For example:

The following word written in Hindi is transcribed as follow:
खिड़की = khiṛkī = Window

But when you read this word as it would be written in Sanskrit, the transcription would look different:
खिड़की = khiṛakī

Because hindi is only using ligatures for sanskrit words and some other exceptions, most of the hindi words do not have ligatures at all. Additionaly, the vowel a is always added to a consonant in sanskrit, but not in hindi. It's a little bit confusing, but I hope that you know what mean.

Is there a method to configure SCIM for sanskrit and hindi with their special writing rules? How are you handling this problem?

PS: I am using a spaced repetition program to learn vocabulary for hindi and sanskrit. When typing an answer in devanagari, i see dotted circles after signs that have to be ligatures and signs with vowels. How do I get rid of this circles, so that my answer has the exact look of the requested word?

See pictures for clarification:

Maybe this link will help you: http://groups.google.com/group/ankis...3989cda4fdb0f3

Thanks in advance!