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Thread: Help with warcraft 3 battlenet

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    Help with warcraft 3 battlenet

    hey guys,

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    I live in south africa, where there is only one warcraft 3 server. To play on it you have to use acid loader (called w3l.exe) - even a legal cd wont work - i know its a weird sa server.

    anyway, i have been given these instructions by a fellow south african player who has got it working. please could someone explain these steps to me as i am having some trouble - major trouble. im a supernuub so pls help.

    Download ver 49, Then compile and then install it. ..

    Then install the .deb package of 41 right over 49(Without uninstalling 49)

    Do your winecfg setup to get your directories going. . .[HOW DO U DO THIS? WAT TAB?]

    If for some reason winecfg is complains about those paths (you know those L://windows//system... blah etc. . .) then

    run wineprefix. Check winehq's site for more info on that.

    All this, and my WC runs fine, even running w3l.exe.

    I host, play, everything. . .


    ok pls help me guys thanks alot

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    Re: Help with warcraft 3 battlenet

    sorry to reply to my own post, but i have left this out. when i install the .41 package over using the package installer i get an error - a later version is already installed?

    oh yeah, and also wen i simply install the latest version of wine and w3 then i get an error in warcraft wen i click bnet - the game was unable to validate bla bla bla.

    pls help

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    Re: Help with warcraft 3 battlenet

    I have yet to try war3 in linux.

    but battlenet was broken in the latest wine update. so you may need to roll you wine version back
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