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Thread: Newbie asks which MCE remote to buy?

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    Newbie asks which MCE remote to buy?

    I see threads championing the MCE remote. Lots available on eBay but I'm not sure if any generic brand is OK or is there a particular one to use. I'm going to use a PVR-150 for my first trial (analog) box.

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    Re: Newbie asks which MCE remote to buy?

    I use this one [URL=""]

    The reason this one is the best for me is the you can program the volume and power buttons for other devices instead of the tv. I have mine programed to control my receiver. I don't have to hit a special button to change it to the receiver mode on the remote. I just use the volume button for volume (the receiver) and all the other functions will control the mythtv box. They're cheap and the IR receiver will work with other remotes too.


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