As much as I like MythTV, MythMusic drives me nuts!
Introduced to the world of Gentoo and Ubuntu by a Linux freak about an year ago, I am newbie using Mythbuntu only since a month. As one of the previous posts mentions, MythMusic is not only unintuitive, but at times, annoying.

That said, I have a couple of small issues for which more knowledgeable users of the group might have a solution. I have a huge collection of music and browsing through all of them in order to play is time taking. Is there any way to make auto playlists (or smart playlists or search playlists or whatever they are called)? My music collection sits in a different computer; so my Mythbuntu box accesses it using Samba. Is there a way I can set up MythMusic to scan for new music on the mounted disk, say, every day? Ultimately, I would love to see MythTV developers come up with more intuitive and large-music-library-friendly interface for MythMusic (like in AppleTV or WinMCE - only with more freedom).