Hello all,
I have a Sony Vaio FE31H laptop. Is has 1GB of RAM and a 256 graphics card ( Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 ) which accepts TurboCharge up to 316MB ( haven't found a programm to use this feature, but anyway).
I have the Call of Duty 4 game, which says you need at least a 550 GeForce card. The problem is that although mine is a 7400, when I try to run the game (I installed it using Wine, not PlayOnLinux (yet) ) it says something about "alpha blend" and "glow" that "will be disabled".
I searched a little bit the .net and found that this message appears when one's graphic card isn't good enought.
Well, my laptop not only the "required hardware" but also the "recommended", meaning that it normally should be able to play on my computer!
Finally, I personally believe that the problem comes from the Graphic card's drivers.
Has anyone any idea how to run the game?
Thanks a lot,
P.S: I'll try to install COD4 using PlayOnLinux, it may work!
P.S2: It must be an OpenGL problem, because Counter-Strike:Source doesn't load either!