For some reason, maybe something strange Australian TV stations are doing with the free to air EPG data, but after trying it for a few days, I am getting some truly weird things happening.

Stuff that I schedule will suddenly show a problem saying "This show does not match the current program listings". Myth does no handle it very nicely, at least from mythweb, as I can't deschedule some of them.

Sometimes this occurs because the TV stations have changed the data. For example, one stupid station changed a move name by putting "M-" in front of the name, so,example, Predator became M-Predator. All the while they fiddle with EPG data like this, it's useless for myth.

Other times, the name hasn't changed visibly but myth still can't match it.

Bottom line, I think the EPG data is too unstable to use reliably. I will have to go back to XMLTV data only. Luckily my provider for XML data seems to have added the new alternative HD channels which have just started.