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Thread: Can't get TV display

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    Can't get TV display

    I slapped a Geforce 6800 XTreme in my mythbuntu box while I was building it, and little did I know it had a TV-Out port on it instead of S-video. I haven't been able to find mayn thing that plug into this slot, however I recently found a TV-out to the yellow video cord(plugs in the same spot xbox's/game consoles do) I plugged that in, and went to the input channel however the screen didn't do anything. I tried to go to screen setup, set up a second monitor etc and nothing happened. I rebooted and the input screen on my monitor flickered a few times but that was all.. What can I do to get this working? Is there even sucuh a thing as tv-out to s-video? I've checked best buy and radio shack and they barely even have anything that has TV-out cords

    I actually have a Hauppauge 350 as well. I think I remember reading somewhere that it could actually wire up to the tv as well, but I'm not sure how I would do it
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    Re: Can't get TV display

    The video card should have come with an adapter cable, It looks like your card has a combiniation connector to include svideo out and rca, I believe the pvr350 may come with the same or similar adapter cable.

    You can enable tv out on the pvr350 in setup.

    while in mythtv frontend go to Utilites/Setup>Setup>tv settings>playback
    it is the fifth page check the box to enable tv out on pvr350
    Hopefully you have a monitor connect to get you through the setup.
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