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Thread: Where in the world is...

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    Exclamation Where in the world is...

    Everyone? I know the holidays are coming up but this place is dead! Like the's dead too.
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    Re: Where in the world is...

    Yes, oh yes, the holidays are here, and no one else is.

    I have been lax in a lot of things lately trying to get ready for the holidays. I am taking next week (12/24 to 1/2) off and going to reevaluate a lot of things and try to get them organized so that I can be a little more productive in work and personal projects. I would like to blog more (on my 3 blogs) and get more involved in the Ubuntu community (both here and in the 'big' community).

    Our first thing to REALLY focus on will be the February TexhMixer. We need to really get our stuff coordinated and make a good showing (separate but equal from the Birmingham Area Linux Group's effort).

    Thanks to cyberdork33 for making a blog posting. If anyone else wants to post on the blog, please let me know, or if you just want to write the post and send it to me, I will take all credit for the post!

    So, have a happy holiday and see you in '08!

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    Re: Where in the world is...

    hey guys! this was the latest post so I just thought I'd say Hi. I was wondering how I can become a member of the Alabama LoCo, or do I even have to sigh up or anything? I'll be at the next IRC meeting I supposed, and I'll make plans to attend the Tech Mixer in February and hopefully I can help out with the booth. Just to introduce myself;

    Name: Jared
    Age: 13
    Location: Oneonta

    Well, thanks!


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