Hello all! Im new here. I have a few question I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I'm looking for hardware suggestions for my Mythbuntu box.

Heres what Hardware I have

Dell precision 530 - Dual 1.7 Xeon each chip has 256k cache
1.2 gigs of ram
Pioneer a104 dvd -r drive
onboard sound, firewire 400, usb
Nvidia 5700 128mb
20 gig and 120 gig drives ATA100 I think

What I am hoping to do is to to store my animation DVD's on the computer and play them back via Mythbuntu. I teach animation, I would like to be able to store stuff for easier access. My current TV is a 27 inch panasonic CRT.

So what I dont know is this, what else do I need?
Do I need a sound board or is onboard sound good enough?
The Nvidia 5700 has video out. Is this all I need for video out?
What other hardware will I need to rip and encode dvd's to mpeg 2?
Do I need something like the PVR 350 for hardware mpeg 2 encoding for my dvd's?

Thanks for any assistance in advance. Any help I can get will help me to spread the word how great myth tv is