Greetings Carolitu (an attempt to be a clever word-smith),

We DO have an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel for those of you that do not know. You can find it by opening up your favorite IRC client and connecting to the server:

And /join us in channel:


If all of this sounds foreign to you, do not worry. We are working to make it easier via a simple java client on HOWEVER, in the meantime -- it is quite easy to join using any of your favorite IM clients such as Trilian, Pidgin, ChatZilla (FireFox Addon), etc.

Please just check out:

For a better guide on how to get started on IRC in general.

Some clients I recommend for Linux are:

For command-line:

For x Windows (KDE/Gnome/Etc.) [Can be found in apt]:

For Windows (Yeah, yeah...I have to list them:
Firefox add ons such as ChatZilla
Plugins for your favorite IM Client

Please join us on IRC. I haven't seen many of you on it and I would love to see you on it.

If not, please join us in discussing anything on our mailing list. Heck, even make a post on here to get some type of discussing started. It can be anything from "I just let my dog out" to "I had a horrible weekend..." to "I love Linux!!!!!!!!" You be the judge. You make the post. You join the channel. You send the e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from everyone no matter the communication method(s) you choose. And I do not mind idling in the IRC channel. If anything, I encourage it!


XQ / Craig Huffstetler