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Thread: Numerous issues

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    Numerous issues

    A couple things are messing me up...first I somehow managed to uninstall the control center. I still have mythtv backend setup and mythtv frontend, but the control center is missing. Maybe its just not on the bar and I can't find it, I have no idea

    Next, I have the Hauppauge 350 and the remote. I've tried to follow numerous guides but none seem to work for me, nothing happens at all with the remote. If anyone can point me towards any decent guides

    Last-I can't get the channel guide/program guide to work at all. Nothing shows up, its all unknowns, I thought it was still free? What can I do to get tha tworking

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    Re: Numerous issues

    1. Try typing mythbuntu-control-center at the terminal. If that comes up then you just deleted it from the bar. You can add that back on easy, I just can't remember how off the top of my head.
    2. What isn't working on your 350? the remote? You can just set that up in the control center and you shouldn't need a guide. Did you try that, did it not work? What didn't work?
    3. Scheduling data is no longer free in the us. Go to and sign up. I think they have a free trial. It is cheap though (couple bucks a month).
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