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Thread: Cannot watch tv

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    Cannot watch tv

    Ok, so I just installed my new hap. pvr-150 with the remote. I am building this computer for my mother for christmas.

    On first run, I went to watch tv and it says that the card can only tune to one channel and i need to stop recording to watch live tv. I havent even got a channel guide or even done anything. Anyone have suggestions?

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    Re: Cannot watch tv

    If you've only got one tuner card then you can only tune to one channel at a time. If you want to watch one channel while recording another you need to add a second tuner card.
    If you just want to stop it recording, you can do this in the recordings management section of the menu.

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    Re: Cannot watch tv

    It sounds like you haven't finished mythtv-setup. Until you finish all tech setup steps myth doesn't know you have any tuners.
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