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Thread: problems with sharing in Virtualbox

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    problems with sharing in Virtualbox

    Hey guys, I wonder if there are any VirtualBox gurus out there...

    I am running Gutsy Gibbon, and have a secondary internal hard drive mounted. Within Linux, I can read and write to all of the shared folders within this second hard drive.

    I have installed VirtualBox, in order to run WindowsXP, and have allowed it access to the second hard drive. When I go into my WindowsXP, I can see and access all those folders on the second hard drive just fine.

    However, it wont let me write back to those folders for some tells me that the disc is either write-protected or I do not have the right permissions.

    I dont understand how this could happen, if everything is fine when accessing the same drive and folders within Linux?

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: problems with sharing in Virtualbox

    I'm also having this problem. Any help would be great, thank you.


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