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Thread: MIDI Software Synthesis

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    Re: MIDI Software Synthesis

    I am not able install the package 'eawpatches'...and the link provided on

    You may then install the package 'eawpatches' (a 31 MB download). Alternatively, if you don't want to add this repository, you may download the package here (use right-click and save link as):
    Once you have installed the package, change the following line in the /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg file:

    which does not work anymore...i have been to trying to get the timidity work...and got lots different information on different links but none is working...and they are confusing too.
    can any one help me getting it worked...

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    Re: MIDI Software Synthesis

    eawpatches location is now fixed.

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    Re: MIDI Software Synthesis

    Running 13.04 amd64, also seems that it doesn't work for me to run the server.

    I added myself to group 'audio' and when I run the timidity command as my user, I can successfully play DosBox games with midi through eawpats (oh the joy of midi I'm reliving some of my past games completely anew - The Lost Vikings being one example of great thinking, how it can use SOUND effects via MIDI interface thus enabling me to skip my sbpro config alltogether - that's great programming btw, on two floppies it fits).

    Still no go with the config as server with groups.

    I can configure in /etc/default/timidity that the user it runs as is my user then it works obviously that is not desired in a multi user setup... so I'd think. but that doesn't work directly either, to my surprise.

    It only works if I start it manually as my user. Weird!

    Maybe it's to do with timidity not having libao (pulseaudio) support compiled in by default on ubuntu?
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