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Thread: Possible dates for Packaging Jam 2.0

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    Possible dates for Packaging Jam 2.0

    I'm starting to look at Packaging Jam 2.0. For those of you that missed the first one, it was a good time and good stuff. If you've wanted to learn about those little magic Ubuntu .deb files then this is the event to make it to.

    I've got two possible dates to vote on. I know it's a bit in the future, but I want to try to get the best attendance I can get at this next one.

    So check out the two dates, see which one works best for you, and vote.

    It will again be held at my place in Clarkston.
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    Re: Possible dates for Packaging Jam 2.0

    I voted for January, but really, either one is fine. It's a Saturday, and as of now neither conflicts with anything.

    Edit: the vote is at a tie right now, so while I voted for January, I really don't care, I only voted that because it was sooner. Consider it "half a vote", at most.
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    Re: Possible dates for Packaging Jam 2.0

    I couldn't possibly make it to that Jan. time, only the Feb.
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    Re: Possible dates for Packaging Jam 2.0

    I'm good for either date, but I'd prefer the 2nd.


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