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Thread: im happy with my gutsy

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    Talking im happy with my gutsy

    i would like to thank all the developers and contributors for all the effort they put in to make my computer work and look pretty. thanks to you guys, my system is rock solid, fast and pretty .

    im running Intel P4 3.0Ghz on Asus P4C800 Deluxe with 2Gb of RAM, Nvidia 7600GT and 36Gb Raptor SATA drive with Ubuntu Gutsy and XP Pro. There is also another 200Gb SATA drive used as storage.

    Today i got the video card (upgrade from ATI 9600XT) and SATA DVD burner. In XP my drive letters got messed up, RAID controller needed new drivers (was a pain to manually configure that), getting everything working took me about 45-50 minutes to fix. Somehow Nero is always crashing even after countless tweaks but i have left it for later. In my Ubuntu - all partitions got reconfigured automatically, new burner (Lite-On) just worked, for video card just had to enable restricted driver. One reboot and 5 minutes later everything was up and running... trouble free and smooth upgrade in Gutsy.

    There might be some glitches with the system down the road but for me it is proven that a strong community can produce a better product then leading commercial corporations.

    BIG THANKS to everyone involved !!!
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    turn arround ;)

    Re: im happy with my gutsy



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