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Thread: Playing music in myth freezes frontend

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    Playing music in myth freezes frontend

    Hi all! Usually a lurker but I came across this problem I can't seem to find a fix for anywhere.

    I'm running Mythbuntu 7.10 64-bit on an AMD64 3700. I'm running my audio over S/PDIF to a Bose 321. In MythTV, this works perfect for DVD's and playing the online streaming music option. However when I try to play a normal mp3 through the MythTV music option, the frontend freezes when I hit the P key to play. Nothing in the frontend responds after that and I have to kill it but alt+tabbing to terminal and using xkill. Playing the same mp3's with VLC/Mplayer works fine outside of the frontend.

    I've tried playing the file both from the default location of /var/lib/mythtv/music and also thinking maybe it was a root access thing, tried playing it from a folder under my home directory. Either way ends in tragedy :\ Also uninstalling/reinstalling the mythmusic plugin didn't help.

    Hopefully that's enough info. Any ideas guys?

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    Re: Playing music in myth freezes frontend

    Have to checked to see if it is a problem with a specific mp3. Does it always fail on the same track? What happened if you delete that one file? Are you logging frontened events tot the DB? There is a checkbox for that in General options that may give you a clue. You could also start the frontend from the terminal and then you would be able to see any errors on the terminal when it failed.
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