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Thread: upnp server to dsm 320

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    Re: upnp server to dsm 320

    Hey. Try installing gmediaserver. That's what I use and it works, same model - DSM 320. The way you use it is by doing Alt+F2 and then type 'gmediaserver /path/to/your/music' - without the quotes.

    Hope this works for you.

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    Re: upnp server to dsm 320

    I installed MythTV, MythVideo, & MythMusic on a Gutsy machine, and am able to watch all of my movies & music on my D-Link DSM-520. I added a link to my music folder (on another HDD) under the /var/lib/mythtv/music folder... same for my videos. Probably the main thing that I did was to change the backend IP from to 192.168.0.x (backend server's IP address).

    Functionally everything works fine, however the sorting is quite lacking. On the D-Link go to 'Music' and my options are 'All Music' & 'By Album'; either of which would take a week to scroll through to find the music I want to listen to. Same goes for Videos... 'Genre', 'Country' & 'All Videos' are the options.

    I need a better way to find the music and movies I want... like a folder structure.

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