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Thread: How to configure controls for mednafen?

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    Re: How to configure controls for mednafen?

    Sure it does.
    Some joystick calibration programs fubar the reported axes ranges, though.

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    Talking Re: How to configure controls for mednafen?

    Thanks very much to all the helpful people on this thread

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    Re: How to configure controls for mednafen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scooter7 View Post

    Nevermind, I managed to figure it out. It turns out that by configuring the 'command keys', I had messed up the emulator shortcuts. Since reinstalling mednafen didn't fix this, I realized that the config file wasn't being recreated. So I manually deleted it, and that fixed the problem.

    So, to configure the controls, start Mednafen and load your rom:

    mednafen /path/to/rom
    And hold down alt+shift and press 1. It should display a direction/button, followed by a number. Simply press the key you want to use for that direction/button. Pressing it a second time confirms the setting, and the setup moves on.
    Can you please rephrase this or explain in more detail? Alt+Shift+n doesn't do anything for me, neither when I pressed f2 nor before. F2 makes that line appearing at the bottom, which tells me to press the button which I want to reconfigure, but how am I supposed to know on which buttons which action is at that moment?! Can't figure it out, either it is too obvious or simply not working. I tried the num block, the arrow keys, f3, f4, wasd keys, nothing seems to be working. Also Alt+Shift+1 doesn't do anything, regardless if I pressed F2 before or not. Can someone help me out?

    EDIT: Nevermind... I had to first press Alt+Shift+2 to make mednafen show me a message about the second controler and THEN I was allowed get a response from mednafen when pressing Alt+Shift+1. I don't have any idea why it wouldn't let me configure the inputs for the first controler in the first place, but now it finally worked as it should. Guess you simply have to mash buttons until you make it work by accident
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    Re: How to configure controls for mednafen?

    Old thread. Closed.
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