Thanks!! This solution still works. I had to fix a roommate's XP work computer and followed the instructions with a few minor adjustments. Here are my notes:

  • Download latest desktop version of Ubuntu ISO
  • Create bootable CD or USB thumb drive

  • When booting from Ubuntu, steps 1, 2, and 3 are pretty much already done
    • NTFS-3G is already installed
    • NTFSProgs is now included in NTFS-3G and doesn't need to be installed
    • NTFS filesysystem is generally already mounted

  • For step 4, it's probably best to copy a backup of the files to another USB drive or a network drive
  • before running the ntfsfix command you have to unmount the Windows drive
  • After the first reboot, it went automatically into windows without doing any system checks. However, after rebooting it did do a file system consistency check. I did a 3rd reboot just to make sure everything worked.