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Thread: WoW Voice Chat

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    WoW Voice Chat

    Anyone had any luck getting this to work?

    I can kind of sort of get it to work with Wine, not at all with Cedega.

    In Wine I can record my voice fine when u use the testing thing in the voice chat tab, but my friend say they can faintly tell there is a voice between all the static.

    Anyway, let me know if you got this working. Preferably in Cedega.

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    Re: WoW Voice Chat

    I dont think that using the in game voice chat would be very good idea on linux. If you can you can try using Teramspeak, it's found in synaptic, and is natively run and works perfectly. If you cant, or need to use the in game chat, I would try raising the microphone sound from volume control section of System> Prefrences.


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