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Thread: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

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    Re: How can I avoid the #@$% CMD LINE?

    Quote Originally Posted by inversekinetix View Post
    Can you imagine if you had to mess around on forums and flash hardware just to get your set top DVD player to play surround sound? If you had to recompile the software on your cellphone for it to display flash animation?
    You totally just hit on what "Linux as a hobby" means to me, and why it's my hobby

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    Re: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

    About the malicious commands, I was wondering
    if the ubuntu dev team has any plans on making a warning
    if pop up if you enter that in a shell?

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    Re: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

    Up until recently I have had mutiple users on my linux box. one of them sholder surfed my admin password. I got the standard, " I didnt do nothin.The stupid thing just quit working. I cant see why you just dont use Windows." I tried to recover the GUI, but I could not figure out how to. I did not know what happened to cause it either. I used up the rest of the hard drive on a new install. I still have not figured out how to access the old partitions.
    I used to do alright with drdos and windows 3.x with issues like that, and kinda sorta with win95/98/win2k and the regedit thing. If you can not get to safe mode your pretty much screwed.
    When XP came out I just switched over to Linux. XP and Vista are just to difficult to excise rogue programming via the registry. Example anything Symantec. You cant uninstall it and cant edit it out. But even after using linux for 3 years I still am having a hard time with command line because it It is hard to find a comprehensable manual to use when the gui quits. It is pretty hard to do man page without the gui interface. I am not afraid of command line, and so far I have not anything go so bad that I lost it all.

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    Question Re: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

    Hi there people!
    THIS actually turned into quite a philosophical discussion. Anyone who remembers my original post/s might understand that any intelligent person doesn't really like to do things in the dark - especially following strangers..... ( NB the warnings in these forums about "clever-dickies" offering trashing code to unsuspecting newbies.)
    A real world example happened to a subscriber of mine (another Lux system) and totalled their system for them quite recently, thanks to some online "help".

    A similar example is the following clip from a message:

    "But for now it's just easier for me to use the CLI. It's easier for me to type into the terminal to check and get updates by using "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" Then type in password and Y. then to go to system > administrator > update manager > type in password. Then click the buttons."
    Even on MY system 8.04 - the update process is painless: a display top indicator lights up with upgrade info and I click on it when ready and bingo a simple clean GUI gives me options and tells me step-by-step what is going on.

    In another century, I raced small difficult vehicles called Volkswagens. Difficult? Yes, the class was strictly controlled and virtually no mods except for safety were allowed. The performance of the vehicles could only be enhanced by driving skills. You simply had to be the best DRIVER. (I wasn't.. )

    But would I want to drive around in one today?

    My car is not even current technology but it has power steering (magic for parking in tight spots),
    Cruise control - saved me hundreds of dollars in speeding fines (they are "fund-raising" here 5 m ph over is enough. ) Automatic Gearbox (magic in crawler traffic) auto-sensing airconditioning (should be illegal NOT to have it where I live, in the near tropics). Ok, the power windows ARE a wank.... but were standard.
    I could have bought a manual with no extras - even saved a few dollars...... would you?
    THAT is the whole point of differential (pun) and the car analogy is a good one.

    Here I am with a still useless system after all this time.
    I have Kubuntu 804 as the OS, Vbox to contain XP and months later can't get the info to get it all to go together.

    No USB: Now know it is a "fault" of VBox. Who would leave out USB today???

    Amazingly, got Video - no sound. Apparently/possibly I need to find and install Linux Sound drivers specifically - The installed XP can't be used ( a simple insertion of a self installing update from the Board maker ASUS in XP is an unknown task in Kubuntu.)

    The Brightest hope is that ONE person I found has actually got a similar setup to my plan to work and even has my one vital program running in Vbox - DragonDictate ( a voice-2-text application)!

    Tried to reach him separately - but on this board you have to post an astounding 75 messages before you can use the private message facility!

    I'd even use the **** if someone could help me out here. It can't be that difficult..... it has already been done; once at least.

    (Diogenes looked for an honest man - I just seek a Linux solution)

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    Re: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

    Yes, it's an old discussion - actually continued from an original post in 2005.

    One thing a lot of people on both sides of the argument seem to miss is *why* the command line scares newbies. Why? Because they don't understand what they are doing.

    I do find that tutorials using the command line, where you can copy and paste, are often the fastest solution to linux problems as a new user. The reason it intimidates them is that most tutorials don't actually tell you what those commands are doing. Am I deleting something? Creating a virtual link to porn? Who knows?

    Not every user has the time to research what all the commands mean in every tutorial; not every computer user - verily, not even every linux user - is in it for the fun and exploration of using new and interesting software. As a tool, a computer and its OS should be accessible, and where the technical nature of that tool (i.e. Linux command line) is a barrier to new users, then tutorials ought to explain the tool as you go along.

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    Re: Command-line vs. graphical user interface

    i am a casual computer user. i use the commandline for learning to program and since it it also the way to fix something that is broken on both windows and linux i learn the stuff as i need it. i had pc-bsd for sometime and i could not find the commandline at first. i was stuck in cliking and mousing around and i did not like that very much. i do not think that we should all go straight CLI since there is no need to do anything more dificult that it has to be. any person with pratical relations to nature will tell you that also. i can if needed strike fire with two flints but that is not a good reason to not using a match or lighter. same in this question about cli vs gui i do not write endless scripts if i can avoid it by clikin a button or two. but in the end the commandline is far more practial than some of the gui alternatives for many things. as seen on these forums the adwise given is almost always just a few lines of code that should be run in the terminal. somtimes gui is for convinience and cli is for trouble shooting but it can be the ohter way around. having freedos and minix i do not mind commandine but the reason i have these systems are to save and rescue really old computers that simply cant run desktop since hardware is too old. if lynx or w3m as browser could work with my email providers account system i would be happy to use a terminal based system only for such things. it would be a great way to use old computers. sorry long post . i am tired and need some zzzzzzzz. hope it makes sence anyway.
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