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Thread: Clock is Wrong, did I do the right thing?

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    Clock is Wrong, did I do the right thing?

    Sometime when my pvr box power is reset, the clock will be 6 hours off and of course, Survivor doesn't record

    I do not have internet connected and I do not get any schedules.

    In ubuntu environment, I set the clock manually.

    The last time my clock jumped back, the time zone was set to Central.

    Today, I reset the clock to correct Central Time zone time and changed my time zone to London. Hopefully Mythtv will not try to reset my clock now.

    Will this work? Thanks.

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    Re: Clock is Wrong, did I do the right thing?

    I had a similar problem on Debian Lenny and what I did to solve it was:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
    On the menu scroll down to 'Etc', press enter and then select 'UCT'; this should synchronize your system's clock to the hardware clock. The only issue I've noticed after that on debian is that my system seems to believe it's on the Greenwich Meridian (GMT) while I'm not, but at least I don't have to set the clock every time I bott into debian.

    Hope this works.


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