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Thread: What to do with blackbird cards?

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    What to do with blackbird cards?

    Did anyone have success with "Conexant Blackbird" cards? The one I am trying to use is ADS PTV 305.
    It showed up in my machine as 2 video devices under "software v4l" category, cx88 and cx88-blackbird. I assume the blackbird one is what I should use, since it is the MPEG2 source whereas the other one is just the frame buffer.
    However, in the front end recording profiles, only rjpeg and mpeg4 are available, suggesting the hardware encoder is not recognized. If I try to watch TV, a blank screen will come up.
    Using the "pvr x50" setting didn't work either. The IVTV wiki states that blackbird designs are not supported by ivtv driver.
    Did anyone get similar cards to work?
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