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Thread: [HOW-TO] Pidgin-Rhythmbox 2.0 plug-in

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    Post [HOW-TO] Pidgin-Rhythmbox 2.0 plug-in

    This nifty little plug in will conveniently display your currently played Rhythmbox track in your AIM Profile or Away message, through use of %rb (like %n - name, %t - time, etc)


    (possibly others, so please report if you have any errors)

    If you haven't already, get the tarball of the plug-in here:

    you can Download it to anywhere but for simplicity of instructions,
    it is necessary that you drop it on your Desktop (you can delete it afterwards)

    Right-click on the file name pidgin-rhythmbox-2.0.tar.gz and select 'Extract Here'

    a Folder 'pidgin-rhythmbox-2.0' will be created.

    Open up your Terminal and type:
    cd ~/Desktop
    cd pidgin-r*
    verify that you are in:

    If you see any errors, the process will stop. This means that there are still some dependencies that you need to install prior to this step

    If you see something like:
    configure: error: Package requirements (packagename >=

    go to Synaptic and search for it with 'packagename-dev', install it and its dependencies.

    Or come here with your error and we'll help you idnetify it.

    If you do not see any errors, type:
    sudo make
    Provide your linux password if necessary.

    Once completed type:
    sudo make install
    Record errors if any.

    If you dont see any errors, open up Pidgin and do CTRL+P on your keyboard.
    In the preferences window click on Plugins and put a checkmark next to Pidgin-Rhythmbox 2.0, and click Close.

    Either in your AIM profile or your away message put
    Open up Rhythmbox and play a track. Check your away/profile.
    If you see the song information there, youre set.
    Feel free to customize the message by adding text anywhere around %rb
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