Question - can I install Wordperfect 9 under Ubuntu? My husband must use it (and the WP files do not import with graphics imbedded into Open Office.) (of we'll be able to install WP on the new laptop - maybe a more recent version but just curious about whether it will work under Ubuntu.)

One of the speakers said some Windows software will work - maybe installed under ???? in Ubuntu.
I did some fairly quick checking on this and found that the information on running WordPerfect under Wine is quite dated with the most recent reports in late 2006. The results were mixed with some versions running well and others with some snags.

So basically the best answer is give it a try. What you would need to do is install the package Wine using either Synaptic or Add/Remove programs. Search for 'wine' and select the 'Wine Windows Emulator' package.

Once wine is installed use the ALT+F2 key combo to bring up the 'Run Application' dialog. Type in winecfg and click the run button. The default options should be good and select the Apply then OK buttons. This sets the configuration files for your wine install.

Then insert your CD. Depending on how the CD is designed, the install may actually start running. More often than not though you will simply have a CD icon appear on your desktop. Click on that and you will get a file browser window. In there will be the 'install.exe' or 'setup.exe' and when clicked should begin your WordPerfect install.

Once completed, again depending on the install process, you may see a WP icon on your desktop. If not, click on the Applications menu then select the Wine item, then follow the menus to your WordPerfect launcher.

After that, let us know how it all works out! If you run into any issues please ask.