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Thread: The Ubuntu Wiki needs an overhaul.

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    The Ubuntu Wiki needs an overhaul.

    I think many users are intimidated by the methods of getting help for Ubuntu. What would be really nice is to intergrate the forums, the wiki, the main site, and the documentation for Ubuntu, so that it's all linked together.

    1. The first thing Ubuntu needs is an overhaul of the wiki homepage. At the moment, it scares me away, and some of the documentation on these forums is superior to the actual wiki. The wiki homepage has a myriad of sections, with a vague place to start after going through the homepage. By comparison, I've attached an image of the wiki for one of the games I play, showing how it essentially fits on the page with no scrolling. All major sections are organised with every aspect of the game. Users can search for information which isn't on the main page, too.

    In case you don't want to view the attachments, here's the links to:

    and the Guild Wars wiki:

    2. Secondly, if the forums, the wiki, the main site, and the documentation for Ubuntu were all intergrated, a user could search from any point and it would show results for the wiki as well as from forums, etc. Users connected to the internet could also search through the help and support app built into Ubuntu.
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