What do you think is preventing the Linux desktop being adopted as a mainstream OS?

There was a similar Question with accompanying poll, but that was back in 2005, but everything has moved on since then, a lot. Linux has come on leaps and bounds and we have a more discerning user base.

I think Linux is fantastic, and open source is a life line to anyone who cares about the evermore regulated and wholly unjustifiably restricted OS alternatives. The good news is that it has become more user friendly, easier to install, and now comes with masses of eye-candy. It has always been very secure and you can run it on lesser powered machines than the Windows OS with a similar feature set. However, whilst Linux has made great improvements in the past 3-4 years, the same ol' problems are the reason, I believe, continue to prevent it's up-take en masse. These problems can be summerised thus:

1. A Lack of high end web development equivalent software (dreamweaver, flash etc)

2. A Lack of high end video editing software

3. Games

4. Hardware manufacturer support

5. Lack of awareness by the general public that Linux exists.

I have seen probably hundreds of posts about the above issues, what do you think? can Linux make it into the big time? if so, what is it gonna take?