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Thread: Mythtv Linux Noob

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    Mythtv Linux Noob

    Hi I've been using Ubuntu Linux since 5.10 and have loved it since day 1. But now I'm trying to setup a Mythtv PVR box and its not working out as I had planned out. My system Specs are as followed

    Dell Dimension 2400 (2.6GHZ, 1GB ram, 20GB hdd for now plan to add a couple 250gb drives for recordings. PVR-150 card w/o remote, KWorld ATSC 110 HDTV card w/ Remote & IR, DVD-+-R/w DL Drive.

    When I try the PVR-150 Card (even without having the ATSC 110 installed inside the computer [card removed]) I get a overlapping of channels stuff like WXMI (fox17) and WoodTV8 (NBC). This happens on both recording & when watching livetv.

    this mythtv computer will be used for backend & desktop (to add any new software etc).

    Loooking forward to hear what I'm doing wrong

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    Re: Mythtv Linux Noob

    I have found in the past that before blaming my hardware and spending a lot of time with it the best thing to do is to test the cable with a regular tv and to test the hardware on a different cable system. If your problem is the cable you may need to rerun it or call your cable company for a fix. If that doesn't work then see if your card is still under warranty because you may have a malfunctioning pvr-150.

    A note for the future:
    Your title doesn't tell us anything about your question. A better title would be 'PVR-150 getting overlapping signal' that has a better chance of attracting someone who is familiar with your specific card and maybe the problem you are having.
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