I'm speaking on my own behalf and not for the whole forum staff, but I do hope the rest of the staff agrees with me.

We have posted a sticky about this in Absolute Beginner, but malicious spammers still manage (before being banned) to sneak in their "advice" deleting new users' entire installations.

Most people do not read stickies (I have to confess--I don't either). So the best way to combat this is to educate through signatures.

If you are a regular helper in the support forums, I urge you to make some kind of note warning users to research the validity of commands given, to wait until another forum member or two validates commands given, or just to avoid the most obviously bad commands (like sudo rm -rf /).

If you do not want to participate in this educational crusade, don't bother being a naysayer--just don't participate. If you are willing to make a change in your sig, though, that would be great.