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Thread: How does mythbuntu choose initial screen resolution?

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    How does mythbuntu choose initial screen resolution?

    I have started building my new myth machine

    Asus M2N-X mb
    Athlon 64 x2
    Geforce 7200 PCIe graphics
    1GB ram, 500GB SATA HD

    Powered it up and booted the mythbuntu (7.10) CD, and it came up in a very strange looking resolution. I had it plugged into a normal 17" LCD monitor, and luckily it managed to display a picture, but it was partially overscanned and looked a bit shaky - almost like it was interlaced. I can't remember the exact res, but I think it was about 1600xsomething.

    My question is, does it default to some particular resolution, or does it choose one (if so based on what).

    Also I tried loading the nvidia proprietary drivers, but it didn't work. It came up in a low res mode saying it could not detect the video after I logged out and back in. Should I have rebooted? - but then that wouldn't work with a livecd anyway would it?

    I guess I'll have to install to the HD to experiment with the video?

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    Re: How does mythbuntu choose initial screen resolution?

    For nVidia card there is an app provided by nVidia that choses the resoultion. However in some cases with certian monitors it will chose the wrong resoultion.


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