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Thread: Instruction Translation Fedora to Ubuntu Please

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    Instruction Translation Fedora to Ubuntu Please

    Okay, I can't find any real help in the newbie section. Apparently this is a really old problem, especially for my system. Someone has apparently found a solution but the instructions are written for fedora. I figured this might be the place to find someone who would be able to understand the difference and translate these instructions into something I could do in Ubuntu. It seems this shouldn't be difficult if I were a little less green (like 4 days ) but I'm clueless really. Here is the link to the instructions and the the claim of a fix:

    Quote Originally Posted by aggieml View Post
    I finally got my sound working after a month of searching various posts!

    I have the NVidia MCP51 High Definition Audio with the Sigmatel STAC 9200 chip on it. It came with my Gateway MT3421 laptop.

    I had given up on sound because everyone on forums had given up, but there's a patch for fixing this sound card on the alsa-bugs site!

    Just go here and look for the post with the patch and follow the instructions:

    A couple things: don't have to remove all alsa packages like he said in step 1. All I did was remove alsa-lib and alsa-utils.
    2...the patch file is at the bottom of the post as an attachment.

    I hope this works for some of you!

    In the original thread:

    some guy claims he got the instructions to work for his Gateway.
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    Re: Instruction Translation Fedora to Ubuntu Please
    just to avoid redundancy ;]

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