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Thread: 64 Bit Ubuntu / VMWare Server 2 Beta 1

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    64 Bit Ubuntu / VMWare Server 2 Beta 1

    Anyone tried Ubuntu 64 bit hosting Windows 64 bit ? I'm looking to do it so I can try out Exchange 2007 alongside other virtual servers, but interested to know if anyone has tried it yet ...

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    Re: 64 Bit Ubuntu / VMWare Server 2 Beta 1

    I've not done this. My only comment is that the workstation may need to have VT enabled hardware. Also you may need to turn VT on in the BIOS. Most higher end new hardware -- this is probably not a problem (?) -- but a few years ago VT enabled systems were rare.

    I just mention this -- because I think I read something about this a year or so ago in the VMWare Doc. So you may want to check if your not certain.



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