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Thread: Sucessfully installed WinXP in vmware. Runnung well but one question.

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    Sucessfully installed WinXP in vmware. Runnung well but one question.

    As stated in the subject line, it appears that I have muddled through an install of WinXP onto Gutsy using vmware. I appreciate the help I was given.
    I have a question, if I may.

    Upon cleaning up used files after install, I moved the 'WindowsXPPro.iso' and 'cdrom.img' files to another folder to keep them for posterity.

    When I started vmware and windows, it said it couldn't find those moved files.
    Fair enough, I didn't want it to.
    But, it refused to mount the cdrom and floppies because of this and plastered me with error messages.
    I fixed this with the floppies by changing 'floppy0.startconnected' from true to false. I don't have a floppy on this machine so, not a problem.

    I fixed the error message with the CDROM by moving the .iso file back into place BUT...... it always mounts this iso file in the CDROM. It won't let me put a different disk into the CDROM for use.
    I figure I need to change one of the 'ide1:0' devices in the vmx file but what do I change it to?

    I want my CDROM to act like a normal CDROM.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Ok, got it. Set ide1:0.filename to 'auto detect' and set ide1:0.deviceType to 'cdrom-raw.
    Hope that helps someone. Sorry to bother you all.
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