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Thread: I almost have XP installing in VMware but ran into a hitch.

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    I almost have XP installing in VMware but ran into a hitch.

    I'm running Gutsy and want to install XPPro into vmware.
    I used the instructions here:
    that j.bunce kindly provided.

    I have vmware installed. I have my 20gig virtual drive, I have my files and I have the template-windows.vmx file based on the
    form provided at the above link.

    When I start up vmware, windows setup does indeed startup. It goes through the whole inspecting hardware config thing and then it stops.
    It asks me to insert setup disk 2 into the floppy drive. When I follow the directions in the above link that pertain to that (renaming cdboot 1 to 01 and renaming cdboot 2 to cdboot1) it just sits there and does nothing.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Also, won't it try to setup windows every time I start vmware because the cdboot.img files are still there?

    Thanks in advance for your patience and help with this.

    EDIT: Ok, I got past that. It wasn't accepting keyboard input. It was a grab / release input thing.
    Now it's hung up at "insert the CD labled Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD into CD-ROM drive". I assume this is where the WindowsXPPro.iso takes over?
    Still hung up. I wonder if it's a mismatch between the iso and the cdboot.img files. I tries to be careful and get the correct ones and I think I did.
    Just a thought.

    EDIT AGAIN: Ok, got past that. I was using the wrong cdboot.img files. My img files were for the SP2 setup iso and my actual iso is for original release.
    We'll see what happens.

    Edit Edit Again Again: Sweet. Ubuntu, I love you more each day.
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