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Thread: Game Emulation How-To Links

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Thanks guys this has been very useful!

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Quote Originally Posted by Felson View Post
    Just building a list of links to How-Tos for emulation for various systems. This list isn't complete, so I am looking for input/opinions. No flame wars though please. I have NOT tested all these emulators personally, so some in this list may just be junk/dead. I am mostly trying to make it a list of native Linux emulators. I made an exception for the 2 pc98 ones, because there simply isn't any Linux ones I know of, and they are almost flawless in WINE. Also, do not ask about ROM's, ISOs or BIOS images in this thread. I am trying to make a useful list for everyone, and I would rather it not get deleted. Besides, no one will answer those questions here.

    Nintendo Entertainment System
    FakeNes (S)
    ROCKnes (S)
    FCEUX (S) (How-To)
    GFCEU (S) (Repositories)
    Nestra (S) (Repositories)
    TuxNes (S)
    NEStopia (S)

    Game Boy/Game Boy Advance
    TuxBoy (S)
    Virtual GBA (S)
    Visual Boy Advance (S)
    Boycott Advance (S)

    Super Nintendo
    ZSNES (S) (How-To)
    Snes9x (S) (GTK How-To) (Repositories)
    BSnes (S)

    Mupen64 (S) (How-To)

    Nintendo DS
    DeSmuME (S) (Repositories)
    iDeaS (S)

    Sega Master System/Game Gear
    SMS Plus (S)
    Dega (S)
    Osmose (S)
    MasterGear (S)

    Sega Genesis/Sega CD
    Gens (S) (How-To)
    DGen (S) (Repositories)

    Sega Saturn
    Yabause (S)

    Playstation 1
    ePSXe (S) (How-To:2)
    PCSX (S) (How-To)
    PSX (S) (How-To)

    Playstation 2
    PCSX2 (S)

    Neo Geo
    GnGeo (S)

    Atari Jaguar
    Virtual Jaguar (S) (How-To)

    Commodore (Pre Amiga. eg Vic-20/C64 plus more)
    VICE (S)(How-To) (Repositories)

    Commodore Amiga
    UAE (S) (Repositories)

    Atari 2600
    Stella (S)(How-To)(Repositories)

    DosBox (S) (How-To:2)

    Anex86 (S) (No good English howtos I could find. It's a winblows app, so you will need to run it/install it with wine. Runs HD images, but for some reason it won't do floppy images.)
    T98-Next (S) (No good english howtos. Another winblows app. Installs and runs with wine. This one will run floppy images and hd images, but it has no english localization. Also, the window isn't resizable, so you can't run fullscreen.)

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum
    Fuse (S)

    XE (S) (How-To) (famicom (nes), gameboy, gamegear, mark3, megadrive (Genesis), neocd, neogeo, neopocket, pcengine (TurboGrafx), sg1000, superfamicom (SNES), wonderswan)
    Mess (S) (Repositories) (to many to list. Everything from soup to nuts.)
    MAME (S) (How-To) (Repositories) (to many to list. All arcade related.)
    Mednafen (S) (Repositories) (NES, Atari Lynx, GameBoy, PC Engine (TurboGrafx 16), PC-FX, SuperGrafx, NeoGeo Pocket, WonderSwan, SMS, Game Gear)
    Raine (S) (Multi arcade)
    OldSpark (S) (Multi arcade)

    Looks like this topic is due for a update. Does anyone have any more add-on's for this topic?

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Add PCSX Reloaded to the Playstation links - it's a better version of PCSX that's streamlined for 64-bit users. Works "out of the package", unlike ePSXe and all that other fluff.

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Just updated the list with stuff people have posted here since I looked last. Enjoy.

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    You forgot Dolphin-emu, an emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. Many games (such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl) play flawlessly on it, particularly if you are running the 64-bit flavor of Ubuntu. There's a ppa for it, available here.

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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Didn't see it in your list.
    Any GUI C64 emulators out there?

    EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out Vice runs great though I had to download the C64 rom files (winvice comes with these included but this one does not, I guess), and it took a tiny bit of messing around to get it working
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    Re: Game Emulation How-To Links

    Thanks. Added it.

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