Errr, I got it working I guess, I can select it in the config menu, I click test, and it says it's working properly. But I'm still not getting any sound I've tried a few different games so I know it's not the games I'm running. Just to make sure I didn't mess anything else up I'm going to post the other plugins I have.

For my video plugin I have P.E.Op.S SoftX Driver 1.17 tested, and working properly, I have 2 others to choose from that are Pete's MesaGL Driver 2.76, and Pete's XGL2 Driver 2.8.

For sound I have the Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 tested and working properly (at least it says it is anyways.)

CDrom is /dev/cdrom

The Bios is set up correctly too obviously otherwise I wouldn't be able to load the games. Errr, what am I doing wrong?

BTW thanks for all the help so far.