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Thread: VMware player in Gutsy.

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    VMware player in Gutsy.

    I just installed VMware player 2.x in Gutsy. It tells me that it cannot find my cd rom which contains my WinXP installation disk.

    It returns error:
    cdrom.iso does not exist. and therefore cannot be connected as a cd-rom image. Virtual device ide1:0 will start disconnected.

    My config file (template-windows.vmx) states:
    ide0:0.filename = 20GB.vmdk
    ide0:0.filename = cdrom.iso

    I realize that I am trying to use an install CD, not an iso file to install WinXP. What would I change the filename = cdrom.iso to in order to get this to work?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Changing it to cdrom0 did not help.
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