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Thread: DirectX and Wine

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    DirectX and Wine

    Alright. Here's the problem;
    I hear everyone all over the place talking about changing the DirectX mode a program runs in. Well, I've looked all over the place and can't find how to do that. The problem here is that Team Fortress 2 seems to be running at DirectX level 6 on my computer. Needless to say, that's a bit outdated. All I need to know is how to set it to 9. Any help is a appreciated. (=

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    Re: DirectX and Wine

    From within Steam, right-click on the game, select properties and click on the "Set launch options..." button (I don't have Steam open in front of me, so I may be a little off on what the button actually says). Enter "- dxlevel 90" in the field, without the quotes, and the game will be forced to run in DX 9 mode.

    Alternatively, open a terminal, cd to Steam's install directory and run this:
    wine steam.exe -applaunch 440 -dxlevel 90
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