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Thread: Mount NTFS VMware Virtual Disk Image (vmdk) read/write

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    Mount NTFS VMware Virtual Disk Image (vmdk) read/write

    I do a lot of software development and testing and commonly use a Windows virtual machine to work natively in Windows.

    Usually I use bridged networking samba to transfer files between my Ubuntu Desktop and my XP virtual machine. The problem is that often I have a LARGE amount of development data to transfer and the speed stinks!

    Vmware server comes with a little utility to mount the VMware virtual file systems called This utility works pretty well but mounts all NTFS partitions as Read Only!

    Outlined below is a process to mount .vmdk files Read/Write.

    • vmware-loop
    • nbd module
    • ntfs-3g

    Vmware-loop is provided by the free vmware server. Instructions for installing can be found HERE.
    The nbd (Network Block Device) module should be provided already by Ubuntu.
    Ntfs-3g can be installed using:
    sudo apt-get install ntfs-config
    Making It Work
    1) Step one is to load the nbd module
    sudo modprobe nbd
    2) Next we use vmware-loop, the "Virtual Hard Disk to Network Block Device mapper". This is done using vmware-loop /path/to/VirtualDisk Partition# Device. For example:
    sudo vmware-loop /home/MrFSL/VirtualDisk.vmdk 1 /dev/nbd0
    3) Finally we open a new terminal and mount in the usual way:
    sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/nbd0 /mnt/
    If you are having permission issues you might want to adjust permissions on the mount point or device:
    sudo chmod 777 /mnt
    sudo chmod 777 /dev/nbd0
    When you are done unmount with a simple:
    sudo umount /dev/nbd0
    Hope this helps someone. I apologize if this has already been posted. I couldn't find it anywhere.

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    Re: Mount NTFS VMware Virtual Disk Image (vmdk) read/write

    Thank you! I tried doing this last week and I ran into problems with their script screating 17 netblock devices and none of them working. Turned out I needed to do the modprobe. You're a star.

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    Re: Mount NTFS VMware Virtual Disk Image (vmdk) read/write

    It works! Great! Thank you! It's the simplest way for file transfer. The only problem that I have is that after step two I have not to close the terminal in which I executed the command. Next time I'll try the & at the end of the line.

    Virtual Hard Disk to Network Block Device mapper
    Version: Releasebuild-56528
    Copyright 1998-2003 VMware, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    Server: Ready to handle the connection on port 1024
    Client: Got partition size: 16755732 sectors (8181 MB)
    Client: The partition is now mapped on the /dev/nbd0 Network Block Device.
    After this, the bash doesn't listen to any command and I have to open another terminal.
    Thanks anyway.

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    Re: Mount NTFS VMware Virtual Disk Image (vmdk) read/write

    Type this in .vmx file:

    mainmem.UseNamedFile = "FALSE"

    It worked for me.


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