Hello All!

I just built a new econo rig (AMD X2 4200+, Abit NF-M2SV, 2 GB RAM, BFG GeForce 8500 GT, Seagate 500 GB HD, Antec NSK1380) with parts bought from Fry's (215 and LV Blvd) and Newegg. This is an Ubuntu only machine and I'm having a blast! Installed Compiz Fusion, got Flash to work, and all from just searching ubuntuforums.

This is better support than MS can ever give. Even though the same question gets asked multiple times, people are still willing to answer, and don't start to flame just bc a noob didn't search. My previous machine (Win XP) is now a dedicated DL machine - to incur the stress on the HD from bittorrent and whatever crap I might get by installing E-Mule and so forth.

Is there even a LUG in Vegas? I started experimenting w/ Ubuntu 3 years ago but was still in its infant stage. I remember back then that there was a LUG in Vegas, but don't know what happened to it. It'd be cool to start a Linux Lab, but it seems all the CS majors @ UNLV are MS whores (at least to all the ones I've talked to). Maybe if we can first build a community here on UbuntuForums, then we can all meet up and talk about it (even bring Laptops if installed on there). Does anybody use Ubuntu or any flav of Linux at work?

BTW, I'm by 215 and Flamingo.