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Thread: Using VMware and Linux gusty

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    Using VMware and Linux gusty

    I am new at this stuffs, not even sure if this is the right forum? Anyhow, I'm trying to run 7.10 in VMware, and every time I go to enter in the password, I cannot.. all I can do is press enter in which it then tells me, wrong password... I'm not able to type anything; although can type in the user name etc.

    It's supposed to be the right user name and password (jars and pass=jars) but I'm thinking I'm doing something stupid

    Posted a screen shot..

    Maybe I should just download another one and try it? I'm just trying to pass time right now anyways lol

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    Re: Using VMware and Linux gusty

    When you enter your password you are actually entering it, but it's not giving you any visual feedback. This is normal. Just type your password even though you won't see anything.
    Just an inconsistency between the GUI and the command line.
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    Re: Using VMware and Linux gusty

    Oh! golly Thanks for the topic move mods, I should have seen the forum vmware etc!

    Thank you though for the help =3 I was going nuts

    working wonders now!


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