Just a reminder to everyone that we are having our weekly IRC meeting tonight at 9:00pm [NOTE this is the new permanent time for this meeting].

We had a GREAT meeting last week. You can read the logs on the wiki site to catch up.

On tap for tonight:

1 Alabama LoCo Blog - alabamaubuntu.org has been setup
o Designed by Scott Wilson [MerlinsLair] - AWESOME job!

2 New Alabama Team logo
o Designed by Jason Sandlin [based on the design of Joey Bacon]

3 LoCo Team Structure
o WikiTeam
o BlogTeam
o Marketing/Promotion Team

4 Tech Mixer report

5 Tech Mixer February 2008 preparations
o Banner - Jason
o Shirts - Michael
o Materials
+ Computers
+ Live CDs - ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu
+ Open Source CD - there are many out there, we should choose one and distribute

I hope to see everyone there!