Hi, I know this sounds stupid but, I will pay 5 bucks. It says its not supported, I have tried also, and I bet many Linux iPhone owners will appreciate your help. Now its 5-10 dollars! This will greatly help the community by adding support for something. Ok, now down to business, when ever I connect it it wont do anything I have tried un-mounting it from ubuntu and all kinds of things. I edited stuff in the ect folder and tried really hard. I am not linux illiterate, I could do this but I am not a coder. I am sorry if my explanation is bad. This is the simplest I could possible do it:

Make Virtual Box actually read the iphone and make it stay connected, when I plugged it in for the first time in MY computer it connected for 10 secs then stopped. In ubuntu it ONLY reads it as a camera and not as a disk drive, it fails to retrieve and photos BTW, I would like it to read as a disk drive also if you can. I hope you can do this!

Good Luck. It will help anyone that has an iphone and the community! I will also donate 4 dollars for the community!