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Thread: Programming Talk FAQ's

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    Programming Talk FAQ's

    Please read relevant links before asking question.
    If you did read FAQs, and it did not answer your problem, do not hesitate to ask, but:
    - Mention in your question that you read FAQ. It gives us warm feeling, and we don't waste your time by pointing to this FAQ.
    - After your question is resolved, think about how to improve FAQs: You will be helping the next person
    Recurring Discussions in this forum : Subjects that have come up many times. Please read before making such threads!
    Posting Homework and School Related Posts

    How to Ask Questions on the Forum
    Single best advice is: make title which makes sense, specific to what are you asking. "Please help" is really bad title.

    If you see the term "Blub" and don't know what it means, read this post (and its links): It's not wrong not knowing, but it's wrong not wanting to know

    Comment on this and the other stickies at: Feedback on the sticky
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