Hello all,

I installed Virtualbox and now wanted to install xp inside of that.

I got virtual running and all but am having difficulty with the cdrom reading when trying to install xp on/in it.

so i figured if i could mount an .iso of my cdrom it would avoid the issues i was having.

so that in mind how do i create one?

i googled "create an iso from a cd in linux" and got a bunch of cryptic posts. none of which help me because i don't understand their vague dialog.

anyone care to help me out in creating one? i cant seem to figure out where ubuntu has my dvd and burner mounted.

how do i figure out where it lists them? i right clicked them in my desktop and it showed them as ...
Location: computer:///

so what does that mean???

i just wanted to make an iso and it would seem that i am clueless as to what i need to do.


Thank you in advance