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Thread: My project

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    My project

    Start with apache, php, mysql (with phpmyadmin). I use dyndns.

    Ok, so..webcalendaring...what a pain in the **** to set up!
    I banged my head against a wall forever untill I found


    drupal is great! A great community website frame. Can be made public, private, semi-private...It's got a thousand available modules to totally customize your website...even has a few options for calendaring, I chose to integrate webcalendar, for now.


    GREAT! not so difficult to set up, multi-user, ical import and export, rss publishing, even a nice pre-made php for listing upcoming events within another webpage. Not so bad at all...


    awesome photo gallery and more. integrates well with fspot for uploading, awesome! Integrates well with drupal. Alot of nice features and modules.

    What does this add up to? A great, highly customizable community site, great for kids blogging, collaborative projects, news posting, etc...,with galleries, multi-user online calendaring that imports and exports. The drupal system emails even work well with very little effort, (with a simple module) with dyndns.

    I have my site setup right now to be totally private, with the excpetion of my blog, and soon, a public forum, behind that sceen there are a bunch of registered user accounts whose content is totally shielded from prying public eyes. edit: things have changed since I wrote this artical, essentially I dropped webcalendar for drupals "calendar" module which is excellent, the 2 did not play together nice enough.

    take a look, click on the image and you should be there. I have to work on my front page a bit, but lemme know what you think?

    BTW, all nonregistered users leaving comments right now are "Brain Sucking Zombies", so let me know who you are if you post a comment!
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    Re: My project

    Nice article!
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