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I was able to set up an irrecord to grab the codes for the remote as follows:

sudo irrecord --driver=dev/input --device=/dev/input/by-id/usb-HOLTEK_USB_Keyboard-event-kbd ~/lircd-kinamax.conf
I tried the above, and it seemed to work for the most part, I think the only buttons that wouldn't work were the volume and mute, but I'm not 100% that the 'channel up & down' where picked up -- no big deal really.

So now I've got an lircd.conf (or whatever), and now the next step I think is to make an .lircdrc file? My understanding is that I need to assign functions to the named buttons now.

The problem tho, is the command I have to run to get irw to show anything is 'irw --driver=/dev/input --device=/dev/input/by-id/usb-HOLTEK_USB_Keyboard-event-kdb' <-- almost exaclty that, the --driver switch might be a little different, but it means the same thing. When I do this, I seem to get correct output (it shows the keys pressed) for the first couple, then (and I can't tell yet if this just has to do with the certain keys pressed), it will start showing:

asterisk 00000xxxxx <-- whatever the number is
eight 00000xxxxx <-- whatever

^^^^^ and repeat like that no matter what key is press, it seems to show those two, or a combination of 'asterisk' (for that key's name) and another key, two for every one key press.

It almost seems to be after a couple key presses, then it'll start doing that. I assume that's what lircd sees as presses, so wouldn't that start getting screwy?

*** Also, when did you load the lircd_mceusb2 driver? is it even needed? maybe that's my issue?

Thanks for the help
-- lucidblue